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What other data you can get from Product-Launch PPC apart from ACoS, Sales, & CPC?

amazon ppc product launch

🙋 There is more to look at, that is the performance of your Visual content that includes photos and videos. Particularly, performance of the Main photo, shown through CTR (Click Through Rate) 

👇 Below is PPC performance for the first 30 days of one of my new-launch products. It has two variations.

✔️ It was a ‘lean’ launch as I ordered a very small quantity, with only Amazon PPC as the promotion channel, no giveaways, no influencers, no launch lists, etc.

✔️ I was running 1 Auto, 1 Exact campaign.

🙅 I’m NOT going to talk about common PPC performance metrics (ACoS, Sales, & CPC) though they were strong (and PPC sales accounted for less than 50% total sales), but the significant difference in CTR between the two variations (Screenshot 1, 2)

auto campaign product launch PPC
Image source: Ngoc Truong
Exact campaign product launch PPC
Image source: Ngoc Truong

😮 Why was that? I tested two sets of photos where I used high-quality customised product photos for one variation, and the manufacturer’s stock photos for the other variation.

👉 As a result, you can see, there was a huge gap in CTR between the two variations.

👉 Besides CTR, visual content also has a tremendous impact on the listing Conversion rate, as you can see from the Auto campaign’s low ACoS.

For the Exact campaign, Conversion rate also depends on what keywords you target, in other words, how well you understand the searcher’s intent behind a keyword. I won’t go further into this topic as it’ll take a chapter of a book.

🙌 So sellers or whoever is about to launch their first FBA product, if you still think that using the manufacturer’s stock photos will do just fine for you, think twice. 

What’s your take on the impact of listing optimisation on product launches?

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