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About Me

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I’m an ecommerce entrepreneur and a digital marketing consultant. I’ve been selling on Amazon North America region for almost three years, and I have expanded to Amazon Australia as well.

My latest product that was launched on Amazon Australia became #1 Best Seller less than a week since the launch.

My products have been among the top sellers of their respective categories and highly rated consistently.  My latest product launch on Amazon US was Amazon’s No.1 New Release in its category.

Besides Amazon FBA, I’m also a Digital Marketing consultant, I have been certified by Google since 2014, and I have helped many businesses grow their revenue profitably through PPC advertising on both agency side and client side.

I have done a lot of PPC advertising including Amazon PPC so I just want to share with you what I have learned along the way that have helped me successfully grow my amazon FBA business.

I’m also a blogger. I’m managing a number of websites for my ecommerce brands. I enjoy growing website traffic organically through SEO content and on-site SEO.

Besides business and marketing, I’m a long-term yogi and I’m into meditation. I love to be active in general. I play table tennis, badminton, indoor rock climbing, and I’m learning golf.


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Yoga & meditation helps me generate positive energy to overcome challenges in business.

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