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How to Find a Profitable Product in Less than 10 Hours

Step-by-step Amazon product research walkthrough and roadmap to launch your Amazon FBA business in 90 days.

Rapid Product Brainstorming

Identify potential product ideas in no time

How To Evaluate Product Ideas Properly

Avoid future costly mistakes by 5-step in-depth product evaluation

How To Launch Your First FBA Product in 90 Days

A roadmap to launching your FBA business successfully on Amazon

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My Blog

Best strategies, practices for beginner FBA sellers to build a profitable Amazon FBA business.

Is Finding A Good Product Enough?

A good product is just the first part of the equation, HOW you SELL it is another story.

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About me

My Amazon FBA journey, my passion for e-commerce and digital marketing.

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I’ve been trying to launch my first product for over a year but I had no idea where to start...It's just been 2-3 weeks under Ngoc's guidance, I've been able to find a suitable & profitable product...It's really amazing that how all of my struggles and difficulties have disappeared.
Amazon FBA what to sell coach case studies
Nabeel Tahir
FBA Seller
I always wanted to sell on Amazon FBA, but I wasn’t sure where to start, how to find a product… I’ve met Ngoc and asked her to be my mentor… And just for a few weeks of time, I’m now able to figure out a profitable product to launch on Amazon soon. She’s actually a very good mentor. She has helped me with every single step of the process… It’s been an amazing journey
being a amazon seller is amazon fba worth it
Lakshmikanth Mikkili
FBA Seller
I had the pleasure of working with Ngoc at Marketo, as part of the global digital marketing team. She’s a great digital marketer focused on results and data-driven. She was able to reduce considerably the cost per acquisition and drove some impressive digital results to the ANZ region. No doubts that Ngoc will be an asset to any digital team.
Paulo César Freitas Martins digital marketing case studies Ngoc Truong
Paulo César Freitas Martins
Former Head of Global Digital Marketing, Marketo - An Adobe Company

Launch Your Amazon FBA Business in Next 90 Days

Take action today and launch your FBA business in the next 90 days or do nothing and stay in the same spot.